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If the line is strong and deep then this means the subject exhibits care of their family. Family rifts and arguments can be detected if there is another interfering line with the family ring. The family ring.

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A second family ring line means that there must be another family, either by a second marriage or by adoption. The family ring is composed of a series of lines on the top of the mount of Venus near the base of the thumb.

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Presence of triangles on these lines indicates inheritance. If the triangles are anywhere in the mount of Venus, then that one shows Courage and protection for the family. We can sometimes see the family line broken up and what that means is that their may be a family conflict or problems in the relationships. Though we cannot define the timing of the family line if this goes straight up then it is related to career.

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Maybe you will be working for the family? With no brakes or chains means that the family life will be strong and grounded. Seldom, is the family line broken, therefore if not broken, success will be yours in family relationships. To see the line dark and deep means old money or a family inheritance, you may not need to work.

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A line that has any stars means a family with no boundaries. If the family line is chained this can refer to a difficult childhood and the prospect of good relations with the family going forward will be a challenge. Skip to main content. Marriage and family lines palmistry Learn what the family lines mean.

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Straight heart liners also tend to be more reserved with their emotions and are "less apt to make waves. If you're someone with a curved heart line, you may find that expressing your feelings come easy to you.

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Whether your line is straight or curved is just one characteristic to look out for. To get even more specific, length can also provide more in-depth information. So take a look at your own palm and see what kind of partner you are in relationships based on your heart line.

go site A straight, long heart line is one that stretches all the way across the palm and ends on the opposite edge of the hand. If your heart line is long, Mckean says "you're an advocate that will zealously fight for what you believe is yours. You may have a tendency to get a bit possessive or jealous, however, you are extremely loyal. If your heart line ends under the pinky, ring, or middle finger, it's considered short. Short and straight heart liners can come off shy and quiet. When it comes to love, they may need a little more time to digest their thoughts and feelings before acting or reacting emotionally.

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If your heart line is curved and ends anywhere under your index finger, you are a passionate type. People tend to like you as a person and find you charismatic, though you may sometimes border on being dramatic. One of the great things about you is, you like taking the lead and will find awesome ways to keep things exciting.

When your heart lines ends between your index finger and middle finger, you are a caring and nurturing type of partner.

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According to Mckean, connecting with others is key for you and being surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones is essential. If that's not fascinating enough, there is one other important bit of information that you should know. According to palmistry, the lines that are carved in your hand are not set in stone. You can think of your palm lines as a mirror.

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