January 10 2020 astrology

Like Liked by 1 person. A truth telling borne of harsh experiences endured.

Planetary Row

The only kind of voice that can heal the deep woundings of our unbalanced disorder. Being a messenger of truth is tough. Safe journey through this coming stormy astrological weather. Like Liked by 5 people. My sibling is an identical twin. So she will be experiencing the same aspects. I wonder what that means…. Like Like. Intuition will provide a path through the rest of it. A ,Mutable Sign, less brittle and more flexible than in earlier periods of history when Saturn and Pluto aligned.

The working man is likely to come out ahead, and the dictators be replaced. It looks as if the nationailst and racist trends will be shorter in length this time around. Like Liked by 2 people.

We really would have state emergency. Good Grief!!! Until it happens and its only predictions. We cannot control the world, and only ourselves. I will not worry to much over this and also change is good and sometimes, its hard, but in the end result its worthy. Enjoy your return and I am sure its going to be great. Life will not be miserable, and only if you allowed it to be. Go for those goals, and reach for the stars, and life is journey, and enjoy it.

I love Saturn returns. They can be very helpful.

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Saturn is there to show us how to build strong foundations so they survive the test of time. That has been my experience at least and trust me, I know what hard times are. Saturn is a gift if handled correctly. Best to you. Had to count every penny when it was there, but I learned some great budgeting techniques and realized my own self-worth, especially on the job. When Saturn entered, I was forced to. I thought I was the worst worker. If your Saturn Return happens in the 2nd house, I promise you, you will come out so much more confident. Actually, thinking about that Saturn transit makes me more confident to face my own Return in the 3rd house.

Life are challenges and I talk to G-D everyday. I been through a lot, but who has not. We all have our challenges and so embrace with love and blessings. So what about Saturn. Do not look at it that way, look at how you will survive. You will be fine.

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Blessings to you. I just survived a Saturn return in Not only that, I was one of the lucky few that took 3 direct hits as my degree was one involved in the Rx. What do you think of a Saturn return at 24 Capricorn in the second house when this Saturn conjunct Pluto transits 22 Capricorn next January? My Saturn just left the 2nd house.


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I had lower self-worth and had to develop my own sense of worth through hard work. I learned to value myself and to work hard to achieve my goals. I had my Saturn return in In fact, one of the station points was less than 1 degree from my natal Saturn. Part of this time Pluto was exactly square my Asc. All in all it was way easier than I ever expected. I grew up when Pluto was a planet! Believe it or not I was just factoid wondering when the solar eclipse in December was and found your site!

I kid you not!

Panchang • Friday, January 10, 2020

What are the chances? How stupid is that? Unsettling times.

I notice that the Sun and Mercury are also very tightly involved in the Capricorn conjunction, and that Mercury will have just slipped out of bounds. Jupiter although not conjunct is also in Capricorn, forming part of the stellium — I wonder whether Jupiter on the periphery will amplify, or perhaps counter-balance, or even challenge the conjunction.

To katjohn, it will mean a strain on any transnational organisation and on our own government power structure. We have to believe it will be beneficial because for too long politicans have taken our belief in them for granted. Not any more.

Eclipses: Cosmic Turning Points

In the Bible, and other works, it most specifically says the UK will not be part of a federal Europe and will act as a safe haven when the Elite try to force their plans on the Continent. The Lightworkers are trying hard to minimise the pains this rebirthing of our natural independence as human beings requires, but they are tired. Like Liked by 3 people.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of at 22 Capricorn trines the 22 Taurus conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in May of , beginning a a new 20 year business cycle. The struggle of Saturn restrictions and Jupiter expansion. The meaning of that new cycle was of survival, what are your talents? What do you need to survive? Another installment on the same storyline. The 20 year cycle of Saturn and Jupiter ends in also. The torch will be passed. Hi, this is quite interesting also because it will exactly hit my natal moon at 21 50 of capricorn.

I am trying to figure out what will it mean for me who i am already experiencing a wind of change with my chiron return i am 52 and uranus square moon last summer. My moon also conjuncts valentine in eighth house while chiron is in pisces and in tenth house. What could that mean? Really worried about this transit.

My boyfriend with have them on his north node 5th house. We have two years to worried about that and right now entering into a universal 11 year which equal two and its double one and the best is to focus in the present and not worried so much about the past and also learn from it and not worried about the future, but prepare for it. What we do today is for the future. We cannot control outside world or the environment we live in and only where we live and yes, its does have its pros and cons. We cannot control the political movement and only voice our opinions and hope for the best.

I personally, do not play the left and right games or I do parties and to me its all the same in different degrees and everyone talks both sides of the mouth. Also, we all have to learn lessons and nobody is excluded. Some people might think they are high and mighty, but at the end; it shows nobody is. Only G-D!!!!!!!! We are going to enter into a three year cycle of balance and also setting boundaries and paying off debt, etc. People have to get there themselves in gear.