March 6 astrology

Then, for the next two and a half weeks leading up to the Full Moon, focus on nurturing those seeds, taking action, and visualizing achieving your goals.

Astrology Numerology for Person Born on March 6th

Each month, the New Moon occurs in a different zodiac sign. So first, be sure to protect yourself from negative people and environments or you could end up internalizing that energy and feeling all of those feels without meaning to. Second, take time to sit with your journal and meditate on this New Moon. Perhaps consult your Tarot deck as well, as Pisces season brings a particularly mystical, psychic energy that will allow you to communicate more clearly with your intuition.

Where are Birthdate Candles made?

Try writing a question for each of those areas in your journal for your meditation. For example, ask,.

Finally, ask what goal you should put your energy towards starting today. Just wait and breathe deeply as you allow your inner voice the space and silence it needs to speak. If you feel a deep need to rest especially after coming out of eclectic Aquarius season , honour yourself and rest.

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One more thing to watch out for is getting lost in fantasy, which can happen easily with the Piscean influence. Keep one foot on the ground and one foot in the spirit realm. Lose yourself in mediation, but also, you know, remember to eat and feed the dog, okay?

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The Sun will also be in the sign of Pisces during this Piscean New Moon, and we have a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Pisces at the same time as well. People around you may be acting overly spontaneous, loving, or even partake in a little too much wine if they are caught off guard by their emotions.

Know that if you do consistently focus on your New Moon goals and take positive action to make them happen, you will start seeing the buds of success as soon as the Full Moon rolls around. Then, your luck turns on March 20th with that Piscean Full Moon. They have the gift of being able to open the eyes of others to the beauty of the world around them and to teach them to appreciate every nuance of nature.

March 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

They really can see eternity in a grain of sand, and the childlike wonder that they project is one of their most endearing qualities. There is a danger, however, that in their idealization of everything and everyone around them they can lose touch with what or who is actually there. Others may feel that they are more in love with the idea of romance and beauty than with the reality.

And when reality does finally bite and their initial intensity fades, disenchantment may be the cruel result. It is important for people born on this day to learn to be a little more objective in their assessment of situations and people, especially between the ages of fifteen and forty-four, during which are likely to become more active and assertive but also more vulnerable to disillusionment. Fortunately, after the age of forty-five they often become more emotionally steady and practical. Above all, these people are motivated by a desire to experience and be uplifted by the ideal of true beauty.

Much of their lives will be devoted to a never-ending quest to translate this perfect ideal into reality.

Others may see this as pleasure seeking or superficiality, but there is real depth and originality under their often charming and sensuous exterior. They do need to learn to develop a more realistic and less demanding attitude, accepting that their lofty standards may not always be attained. In their search for true excellence, however, they are a constant source of energy, inspiration and beauty for all those who cross their path. People born on March 6 Zodiac are made to love and to be loved. In fact they seem perpetually in love and have a powerful romantic streak.